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How to Measure your jeans is Perfect Fit

April 20, 2012

To get a perfect jeans is a possible but not for always. The perfect fit jeans are too comfortable for wearing. When I was 17 year old, I have not perfect fit jeans. My all jeans were too ugly for wearing. I know very well a difficulty to find out perfect fit jeans for girls. So I decided to provide a measurement method to measure jeans for tall women.
How to Measure your perfect fit jeans size yourself:

While it is possible to measure your own size, you will maybe have enhanced luck if you recruit a close friend to help you out. Otherwise you make it possible yourself.

Wearing simply your undergarments and stand with your foot jointly, right at crotch-level, use a strip for measure your size. Pull the tape measure tight and measure the distance among your crotch and the bottom of your ankle. Your inseam is the distance, in inches, between the two points. It’s important to make sure the size chart on the product page of each brand you are allowing for, as sizes and measurements can vary really.

Measure your tall jeans or long jeans from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seems to find the rise. Consult the size chart on any brand product page to see where the rise will sits on your torso.

Here I explain three types of size which women are prefer according to fashion and comfort. I decide that this is the best three fashions which women liked very much so I bring for showing you.

1. Low Rise: It has a quality likes waistband site 2” or below navel. In present these jeans make a blast in fashion industry. This style loves everyone even boys also. It’s so comfort for wearing. In present low rise jeans become a style icon in women’s jeans fashion. It’s ready for fit below the ordinary waist line. How low, it depends on your style. Line of low rise jeans keeps the clause in mind, with a front and back rise also, that is additional suitable for lifestyle in the saddle an also in Boot.

2. Mid Rise: It has a quality as waistband site just below navel. These jeans are made for ware house wife or working women also. These jeans are use mostly when women want to comfort with fashion.

3. High Rise: It has a quality as waistband site at or above navel. It’s an old fashion but most of women are like this because of comfort and also cover a body. Most of women are not like “low rise jeans” because of its back rise also and because of seen an undergarment. These women are happy with this style so I explained it.

These for all women whom like wearing jeans and want to perfect fit jeans. I tell about measuring the size and types for all women for tall jeans. So for found a perfect fitting jeans for tall women, inseam jeans with 35 to 39+ jeans for women, tall designer jeans, tall jeans and long jeans also. You can found us

Found us Boulder, Colorado USA:

Tall Girl Jeans Ltd.

3601 Arapahoe Ave. #326

Boulder Co, 80303


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